Via NPR: Who's Gay on TV?

Two of the most handsome men currently on TV.

Via NPR:

The pop culture gay flavor of the minute? White gay dads.

"We're having a baby, Bri!" croons one of the leads on NBC's The New Normal. "This is our family. You, me and that kid forever."

It's a mini-boomlet, says real-life white gay dad and sociology professor Joshua Gamson. Not too long ago, he says, pop culture mainly defined gay men as promiscuous and deviant, rather than monogamous and devoted to their families.

"It does seem like a strong counter-stereotype of how gay men have been portrayed over the past, whatever, 50 years," he says.

Think about one of the most popular sitcoms on TV today, says Max Mutchnik, who helped create Will and Grace.

"Modern Family introduced us to the whole world of gaybies," he noted.


JamTheCat said…
I'm getting tired of NPR and their relentless "balanced approach" that isn't. I listened to a program that had David Brooks yapping about how Democrats' programs need to be cut because there's no more room for taxes and they're spending too much money, and no one challenged him about how it's the GOP who've exploded the budget and tripled the debt. It was all the Democrats' fault.
Writer said…
I feel ya, Kyle, which is why I probably just stay on the books section of the NPR site, but even the article I shared had some word choices that I wanted to strange the writer for. :(
Upton King said…
I despise 'The New Normal' - tired of pretty,rich white guys with perfect apartments and wonderful careers. I don't care about them. I don't relate to them. I don't want them to represent my community. Aside from the crappy writing, and paper-thin characters, the agenda this show is trying to push is so unrealistic, viewing life in terms of black/white - that it can't help but put the cause (decent gay television) back to the stone age (1980). The only fun portrayal of a gay dude is on 'Happy Endings' - because besides being gay? He's a real human being with flaws. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque
Writer said…
Upton King, thank you for commenting, and I feel ya. But you have to remember who these shows are written for. Not you, not me, but suburban, middle class white folk who pretty much think everything is white/black. The rich, white pretty gay men on one level is the affirmation of a stereotype while allowing the SMCWF to become anthropologists just enough to feel like they are slumming in some other world where the people do strange things like juggling goslings...Ryan or otherwise. ;)

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