Aw...the sweet, squeeky sound of Love...

Via Gawker - click over for video.

Twenty-year-old Mark is the Bill Henrickson of a polyamorous compound of inflatable pool toys. One of them, Leila the Dragon is "like a wife" to him, with some of the sweetest eyes and smile that, quite frankly, Mark has ever seen. Like his fellow looner, Dave who was profiled last year on Nat Geo's Taboo, Mark keeps a pure, non-sexual relationship with the inanimate objects he loves.

I was surprised by how cute Mark is and by my finding the situation weird only after I'd read that these were "non-sexual relationships" which I imagine comes from my contemplation of furries, fruit-fuckers and the majority of gay men who have sex with dildos and fleshjacks. IDK.


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