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Make Them Read Rand! A Scheme in Idaho to put Objectivism in Schools

An Idaho State Senator’s threatened bill mandating that all students read Ayn Rand before graduating, caused a storm on the left. But why not, asks Michael Moynihan, it might just rid us of her noxious prose for good.

Writing in the pages of William F. Buckley’s National Review, Whittaker Chambers, a former communist turned vigorous anti-communist, offered what would become the most famous criticism of novelist Ayn Rand: “From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: ‘To a gas chamber — go!’” Fifty years later, Buckley would tell Charlie Rose that this was, perhaps, unduly harsh, though Chambers distaste for Rand’s was on target. After all, Atlas Shrugged was, Buckley said, “a thousand pages of ideological fabulism.”

Click over to read the rest, but I also wanted to share this quote: "The deeper one gets into the Objectivist canon, when one inevitably butts up against the cultish fandom she engenders, the more likely one is to flee screaming in the opposite direction."


amtop said…
If think it would be good for all students to read this book, then it could be discussed and dissected and digested for the students to understand that it's really just a fairy tale.

The biggest issue I see here is that a State Senator is dictating education standards when he shouldn't be involved with the actual details like this. It's politics and it's wrong.
Writer said…
On further reading of the article, it is definitely politics. The senator seems to be unhappy with something the Board of Education has done so he's making threats that he has no intention of following through with. Which makes him an even bigger douche.

So, amtop, I don't agree that anyone should be made to read the book - I read the book and it is something that definitely spoke to me as an immature teenager looking for ideals to hold on to - but I wish more people could see it clearly for, as you put it, the fairy tale that it is.

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