Books Are Awfully Decorative

If you do not read this post's title with jaw-clenched sarcasm, you have some movie watching to do!

Via Irregular Times: The Infinite Vapidity of Books as Visual Props

This piece of conceptual art is conceptually stunted, going only a short distance beyond the statement of a person who buys Reader’s Digest condensed editions to place on their shelves to add a sense of refinement to their knick knacks.

I don't know how many actual* dates I've been on in which the other party to has proclaimed the bookshelf beauty of books without actually taking the time to read what is in those books. Very aggravating!

*Actual dates as opposed to the much more numerous bootycalls in which discussion is kept at a minimum.


Kyle Leach said…
Who could forget little Gloria?
Writer said…
And oddly enough...I love little Glorie! :)
Tamayn Irraniah said…
I didn't know that decorating with books was a thing. I find that horribly dishonest.
Writer said…
Indeed, Tamayn. Which is another reason why this year, I'm going to actually read the books I own. Granted, no one would look at the state of my books and say to themselves, "Oh, he's really decorating with books now. How lovely." :)

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