DC Comics Lame Response to Card Backlash

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Things are getting rough for DC Comics.

Once they announced that Orson Scott Card will be writing a Superman comic, gay geeks quickly responded.

From petitions to blog posts, fans let everyone know the hire was not okay. Now DC Comics responds to the backlash:

“As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that — personal views — and not those of the company itself.”

They also made clear that the Superman comic will have a host of writers other than Card.

To be honest, the response was whack. They could've stated their stance on LGBT issues and characters. Just something to ensure their support of the community. I guess that was too much to ask.

The problem is that Card has a dubious reputation for being a "good" (read "profitable") geek writer. And among geeks, both gay and straight, the memory of his "Ender's Game" trumps anything else; thus, you have a community of people many of whom who don't follow politics or gay rights issues and give Card a pass because either they don't care in general or are isolated in their own geek world. (Much as we give Tom Cruise a pass though he's part of a crazy-making (and gay-hating) cult.) So all DC sees is that the name Orson Scott Card will make them money even if the majority of what he writes today is utter (religious) crap.

To some degree this is OUR problem: we have to make sure our geek friends know that we are gay and that Card is (truly) out to hurt us, so when DC continues to choose Card over its gay clientele, we can hurt DC where they care: their bottom line, their money. It has to be made clear that Orson Scott Card is no longer a name that makes money.

So, if you are friends with geeks who either a) collect comic books and/or b) likes Orson Scott Card, have the conversation with them about what Card does in his off time. I recently had a conversation with a gay geek friend who I saw carrying around a Card book, and though he confessed to knowing that Card was, to use his word, "cray," I made sure he knew this.

It's just another closet to come out of. Hopefully, my friends will support me/us.


Tim said…
"...the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that — personal views — and not those of the company itself."

Nonsense. DC Comics is saying that it is perfectly all right for the company to hire a homophobe.

If DC Comics had hired a nigger-hating racist, or a wetback-loathing xenophobe, or a woman-raping misogynist, would DC have responded the same way? No. DC would have never hired them in the first place; had the person pulled a Hank Williams, Jr. and essentially hidden their evil for years, DC would have fired them.

DC Comics is saying "our company believes that it is OK for us to hire open racists, rapists, and homophobes."

Is that the company anyone wants to support??
Writer said…
Exactly, Tim. I said the same on my Facebook. But with less language that makes me cringe and go "Oh dear." :)
Tim said…
There is no way to couch the thoughts and actions of racists, misogynists, or homophobes in pretty language. Even if there were, we should not do so.
Writer said…
I didn't say pretty language...just not language that I (or you) as a white guy should feel comfortable using.
Tim said…
I don't feel comfortable saying it. But it has to be said.
Writer said…
Well, okay then. :\
Tamayn Irraniah said…
I think the issue was that DC Comics probably didn't know about his Anti-Gay stance until they'd already hired him. Now they're afraid of getting people mad at them by getting rid of Orson Scott Card because they don't really think of the gay community as overlapping that much with the geek community. They're entirely wrong, and now it's up to us to show them.
Writer said…
I think Card's anti-gay bigotry surprises everyone not gay...so many of my friends who've read Ender's Game assumed he WAS gay.

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