Gay Teen's Home Vandalized in Hate Crime

Image and quote via via Accidental Bear

In the early morning hours of Feb. 3, Jesse Jeffers was pulling up to his trailer in Pace when his boyfriend told him look up.

“I look up and all I see the house...(and I said) ‘Oh my God,’ ” Jeffers, 18, said.

Spray paint covered much of the front of his Charles Court home. But instead of random lines and symbols, swastikas and anti-gay slurs were painted in red for all to see.

On the white canvas that is the trailer’s exterior, it sticks out.

The vandalism, which happened between when Jeffers left and returned to his home, was deemed a hate crime by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, because it targets Jeffers’ lifestyle and sexual orientation. There are only a few hate-crime cases reported each year in Santa Rosa, Haines said, calling them a rare occurrence.

"Lifestyle"? I wander what the vandals had against people who live in trailers?


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