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Alfred Lives Here: Paul Newman's support for gay rights and his dreamy blue eyes.

Back2Stonewall: Cynthia Nixon to receive Yale GALA's first Artists for Equality Award

And what exactly, pray tell, did you think the goal way?

BoingBoing: Disabled goldfish swims around in cute goldfish sling.

Brain Pickings: How the rise of mass propaganda killed Populism. Or, another reason to kill your TV (and possibly stay off the Internet - DOH!)

Also, I'd never heard of Yan Nascimbene, but you must check out his Italo Calvino illustrations.

BuzzFeed: Former X-Factor winner Shayne Ward bares all.

Also, 1950s PSA teaches us to beware the homosexual: they will make you play mini-golf!

Dangerous Minds: Regardless of the Stephen Smith’s petite bourgeois values, a post of his Nabokov documentary.

Kenneth in the (212): Damn! I wish I were part of a cute, gay power couple!

Also, I heart Sarah Cracknell (and Stephen Merritt)!

The Maddow Blog: "Republicans and Fox News are moving to purge the controversial political creatures they created." I wonder how that'll work out.

Here's another politics article, mostly because I love the title: Choosing the self-inflicted wound.

Did you see Out Left's post The Future is All About Loving Ourselves?

Queerty features a new coffee table book on Drag!

Towleroad: He remains popular because otherwise progressive-minded readers (Stop it!) seem to be working under the assumption that he's a good writer.

Towleroad: Rutgers establishes Tyler Clementi Center!


Kyle Leach said…
The mother load! A great collection of odds and ends.

Well my post wasn't that good of a post JP, but the collection of articles I found that day just made me giddy. I'm really happy you liked them and chose to spread them around.
Writer said…
Thank you and you're welcome. I may have another collection later today. I found another clump of links that I wanted to share in my reader, and if I go one link-one post, I may never get through them. :)

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