Man Suffering from Colonial Homophobic Evangelical Blindness Up for Papacy

Via Queerty: Papal Contender Cardinal Peter Turkson Claims African Traditions Prevent Homosexuality

Shortly after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed papal frontrunner, Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson.

As the Catholic religion is growing fastest in Africa and Asia, many are wondering if the next Pontiff could come from outside Europe. Highlighting these geographical differences, Amanpour asked Turkson if a Catholic priest sex scandal could sweep through Africa as it had through Europe several years ago, to which Turkson replied:

“Unfortunately not in the same proportion that we have seen in Europe. African traditional systems kind of protect or have protected its population against this tendency. Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind are not countenanced in our society.”

CNN notes that according to the American Psychiatric Association, “homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are.” But Turkson, who defended Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, seems blissfully unaware of that fact so maybe he’s got what it takes to be Pope after all.

Whether from Africa, Asia or wherever — you can take the Pope from out of Europe, but it seems you can’t take that good ole-fashioned Roman Catholic homophobia out of the Pope.

Apparently, protecting young women from being raped in an effort to "cure" HIV is not part of this tradition.


SEAN said…
I thought the same thing - African 'policies' have lead to the highest HIV infection rates among women and children.
Writer said…
It also simply showcases more right-wing Evangelical lying in relation to Africa: the current air of homophobia is purported to be a deep-rooted African tradition, when it is actually another white, American, hateful Evangelical Christian import.
Tamayn Irraniah said…
So if it's the case, does that mean that they'll pull another Avingnon, and move the Holy See to Burkina Faso or something? That'd suit me just fine. I mean, the tax laws should be more advantageous there, since Italy is now looking to tax the church. Here's to hoping!
Writer said…
Sounds good to me. From something I watched years ago, Ethiopia is hiding the Ark of the Covenant anyway. Under heavy military guard, even.

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