Obama Administration to Back Gay Marriage in Prop 8 Case

Image and Wooty Woot via Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration will urge the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage to resume in California, Pete Williams of NBC News reports. Thursday is the deadline for the administration to submit a friend-of-the-court brief in the Proposition 8 case, which will examine whether California voters had the right to ban same-sex marriage.

The precise language and scope of the amicus brief is unknown, but is expected to be filed later Thursday afternoon. It is unclear whether the brief will take the position that it is unconstitutional for any state to ban same-sex marriage or whether it will only speak to the specific circumstances in California, where voters narrowly voted to end gay marriage in 2008.

Thirteen states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief earlier on Thursday urging the Supreme Court to strike down Prop. 8.

President Barack Obama has stated that he personally believes that same-sex couples should be allowed to be married but has also previously said the issue should be left up to the states.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Jumping Jack Flash seems more than appropriate! I'm really looking forward to reading the amicus brief when it's available. Between this and Clint Eastwood signing the republican amicus brief against prop 8, things are definitely looking up, if not in court, then definitely in the court of public opinion!
Writer said…
Tamayn, if you can find me a gif of Whoopi high-stepping in her squeeky penguin house-shoes, I will love you forever. :)

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