OK, so I totally did NOT watch the Grammy's last night

But everything I need to know, I learned from these gifs.

Also, I promise no more re-blogging from BuzzFeed today. There's just way too much porn in my Google Reader to re-blog from there.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
So we'll just do this as a running commentary:

Did anyone think that J.Lo was going to let Angelina be the one who's remembered for the most inappropriate showing of leg? Also, is anyone surprised that Chris Brown would pull a tantrum? I'm quite happy that Adele caught up with him later!

I did not watch it either, as I make it a rule to only watch Fashion Police after. It's not that I really care about the dresses, but it's fun to watch megalomaniacs get knocked down a peg.
Writer said…
Oh! But, Tamayn, I completely agree with Andy Cohen re: Chris Brown: when I'm popping a boner, I hate having to stand up too!
Writer said…
Well met? Hello to you too. :)

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