This May Be a Little Whiny

BuzzFeed presents 12 Gay Couples' Thoughts on Love at the end of which I felt weepy and stymied and rather hopeless and alone.

I want to be in love. I want to get married. And reading about gay couples who are those things (or appear to be those things) tends to make me feel weepy and stymied, hopeless and alone.

My one hope though is that I'm in the wrong place...that it isn't me that is keeping me from what I want...that it IS actually in my Higher Power's plans for me, that I will have this.


becca said…
popping in to say Hi
Writer said…
Hey, becca. What's up?
Tamayn Irraniah said…
You do realize though, love doesn't come when you look for it. The only thing I can suggest is to live your life and someone will come around.

Also, make sure you have dating profiles on the internet. Most guys around our age have them, and it's much easier, since most places where gay guys meet aren't really conducive to relationships.
Writer said…
I've always hated the first part of your comment, Tamayn...I mean in general, not you saying it specifically. It simply bums me out, though I know it is true.

As for dating profiles. I have a hook-up profile via Adam4Adam that I don't use. Online life is rather difficult for me because I don't have easy access to the Internet. At work, yes, but that isn't really the best place for such things.

So, for now, my sobriety comes first, and after the year that it is suggested for me not to get emotionally involved passes, then I will revisit everything that modern relationships involve.

Having said that I will still occasionally get whiny about being alone. :)
Tamayn Irraniah said…
Before I found my husband, I was the same way, then I just gave up, cut my hair, and got slutty. Maybe I'm not the best role model! :-)
Writer said…
I've already been slutty, but I still cut my hair a lot. :)

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