Via Dangerous Minds: Great Moments in Queer Cinema

James Dean attempting to punch Rock Hudson in the dick

Contrary to rampant rumors, co-star Elizabeth Taylor insisted that the closeted Hudson and somewhat-open-secret bisexual(?) Dean did not get along, saying, “Jimmy was thoroughly ‘Method.’ Rock was riddled with an inferiority complex.”


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I didn't see this movie for the longest time and then it was on the weekend of Taylor's passing here.

It's often interesting to see how the most talented of actors often had very fluid sexuality. Also, who wouldn't feel slightly inferior to James Dean?
Writer said…
I've still yet to watch it...actually now that I think of it, I've never watched a single James Dean movie.

But it was Rock-frakking-Hudson! How could he feel inferior to anyone?? The only way that James Dean is at all better than Rock Hudson is that we at least have a picture of James Dean naked and masturbating in a tree. Do we have that of Rock? Nope.

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