Weeping Angel Valentine Plus Links

Via Doctor Who Official on Tumblr

Accidental Bear: Even Westboro Baptist Church members deserve their own online love/social media website...or something.

Back2Stonewall: Brokenhearts Clubs and Vulnerabilities Show, These Are Our Valentine’s Day Woes

boy culture presents the fourth installment of My Gay Roommate (the Valentine's special).

Brain Pickings has the math of love.

And, if the math of love isn't enough, BuzzFeed has the science of love.

Though, they also warn: Never date of vampire.

Cheezburger: May the power of Opossums compel thee!

The Closet Professor has a post for if you are, like me, single on Valentine's Day.

David Mixner: The "We Do" campaign goes to Tennessee.

Details interviews James "Deep Throat" Franco

io9: Cthulhu rises for Valentine's Day

Joe.My.God.: Geezers and Grannies for Gay Grandkids

The New Civil Rights Movement: DNC Valentines

You are gay: Queerty has a list of retired Sweetheart Candy sayings.

Towleroad: Rachel Maddow rips Marco "I have a drinking problem" Rubio's SOTU response.

Also, 14 of the most romantic, adorable gay wedding videos ever made.

Village Voice: Daniel Radcliffe is English only from the waist up.

World of Wonder: Valentine's To-Do list

Happy Valentine's from cheezburger

Also, check out my Blog List for other Valentine's links, some of which, happily are not quite safe for work. Who am I kidding? Just don't get caught wanking at your desk, k?


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