Another of the Many Reasons...

...I've told my hippie/hipsters friends not to shop Urban Outfitters.

Via Queerty

Everyone and their mother has been going red in the past few days in support of marriage equality, including several high-profile brands — Bud Light, Smirnoff, Absolut…we’re sensing a trend here.

Others have remained silent on the issue, but a new Tumblr is forcing companies out of the closet. Brand Equality features dozens of brand logos stylized with the Human Rights Campaign’s red equal sign — giving the assumption that they support marriage equality.

Brands have the option to say nothing and let the assumption ride; confirm their support; or request that their logo be removed, implying that they do not support marriage equality.

A sort of “public shaming,” if you will; or complete transparency, if you won’t. However, as Business Insider notes, it’s possible that these brands “don’t allow for their logos to be reproduced for legal, trademark or intellectual property reasons.”

Either way, these four brands asked to have their logos removed. Brand Equality has replaced their original comments (below) with the more equitable — “So, do these brands want to be removed? Or to replace the image sent in with a ‘neutral’ stance? Just let us know. This is all about transparency.”

The other 3 brands? Exxon, Walmart, and Chick-Fil-Lame.


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