BuzzFeed Has Everything I Need Today

12 things repealing DOMA would change

37 Messages To Young People Who Don’t Believe In Marriage Equality

Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer's Great American Love Story

21 fabulous red marriage equality profile photos on Facebook

Essential tips for your next ANTI-Gay marriage rally

35 astounding and uplifting facts about the Universe

It's impossibly to look away from this magical dancing ostrich

Granted, if a twinkie hottie played the theme music to LOTR to me on an recorder, I'd probably dance like this too.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Thanks for the round up. I downloaded the court cases and I listen to them when I'm on the bus/metro or when I walking between them and home. I only need one major change that it provides, and then I think I'd be good. Now I guess it's just a matter of waiting until June.....
Writer said…
Except for what is turned into little bite-sized BuzzFeed posts, I haven't been listening or reading this...mostly cause Scalia and his ilk make my blood pressure go up. :(
Kyle Leach said…
That was a great post. Thought, beauty, and fun, all in one. Thanks JP

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