Maybe by Richard Blanco

I finished reading Richard Blanco's Looking for The Gulf Motel last night, and thought I'd share his poem Afternoons as Endora...especially after seeing the above image of Ellen Barkin as Endora on AfterElton's recap of this week's The New Normal, but then I realized that I'd posted the poem earlier thanks to BuzzFeed - though at the time, I didn't realize it was a poem. Rather I thought it was an essay - and the poem is very much written in that format.

So, instead, I picked a different poem to share. This is Blanco's Maybe.


for Craig

Maybe it was the billboards promising
paradise, maybe those fifty-nine miles
with your hand in mine, maybe my sexy
roadster, the top down, maybe the wind
fingering your hair, sun on your thighs
and bare chest, maybe it was just the ride
over the sea split in two by the highway
to Key Largo, or the idea of Key Largo.
Maybe I was finally in the right place
at the right time with the right person.
Maybe there'd finally be a house, a dog
named Chu, a lawn to mow, neighbors,
dinner parties, and you forever obsessed
with crossword puzzles and Carl Young,
reading in the dark by the moonlight,
at my bedside every night. Maybe. Maybe
it was the clouds paused at the horizon,
the blinding fields of golden sawgrass,
the mangrove islands tangled, inseparable
as we might be. Maybe I should've said
something, promised you something,
asked you to stay a while, maybe.

Poet image via Poetry Foundation


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Wow, you really hit a beautiful note with this one. I might have to start looking for more of his work now. Let's add it to the pile, I guess.

It really paints a beautiful scene though. Thanks for sharing!
Writer said…
Tamayn, it does...and I posted this one because it was short. Many of the other poems are a little longer and do the job quite a bit more evocatively. :)

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