Monday Beau

Chad White by Jeremy Kost via American Idle

In other news, I've made the switch from Google Reader to Feedly...funnily enough, I used Google Reader this morning. Old habits die hard.

Also, in the past month, 2 1/2 friends have come to me to tell me about the new HIV+ statuses, and I am done.

I say 1/2 because it was a different friend who passed on that a particular friend was poz and when I gave that friend an opportunity to tell me, he avoided as much as possible.

There's also about an inch of snow on the ground...sarcastic yay.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Well, hopefully the new reader will work out for you! I'm still generally confused by what the whole reader controversy was about.

I am still a bit sheltered from knowing people who are HIV positive. Other than people I know through the internet, I can't think of anyone I know physically that is. I hope those who you know are getting the care they need.
Writer said…
Wonder Man, I like the polaroid quality of it. I hear there's an app for that. :)
Writer said…
Tamayn, I'm sure you know someone.

The Reader controversy simply circles around the fact that Google Reader is probably one of Google's most successful and popular least to the people who use it. LOL

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