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I'm doing a little, Google Reader housecleaning, and in so doing, I found the following quote...

Via A Different Stripe:

At the Hairpin, Emily Gould of Emily Books was asked to weigh in on the vexed topic of website links to on-line booksellers, which brought her to a discussion of the future of book-buying and how we can all contribute to a healthy ecosystem:

In the good future, readers make the connection between the books they enjoy and the publishing infrastructure that enables those books to be created. We buy new hardcovers when we can afford to, ebooks when we want instant gratification and convenience or to audition books we’re not sure we want on our shelves forever, and we take out books from the library when we don’t feel like paying full price at a bookstore. We buy from Amazon, from Kobo, from the iBookstore, from our local independent bookstores and from B&N as long as they exist. We buy books directly from publishers and authors when we want to make extra sure they’re getting the biggest cut they possibly can, and we buy from other places when convenience is more important or the authors are long-dead anyway.

We might have a small quibble with the implied wave of the hand given to publishers of “long-dead” writers, but otherwise, we say, Bravo!

Read the entire interview.


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