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Monday Beau

Weekend Dick

Via a paper bird: Bradley Manning, Bayard Rustin and the perversion of Pride

TGIF Beau: Daddy, Can We Go to the Beach?

My Favorite Ella Fitzgerald Song on Her 96th Birthday

What Causes "Old Book Smell"?

Brain Pickings: 7 essential books on Optimism

Thursday Seems Like a Good Day...

Edmund White and the uphill battle for writers

Hump Day Nooner

All Things Ginger

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday Clothes Make the Man Beau

University of Wisconsin-Madison's Bell Tower Plays "Game of Thrones"

Happy Earth Day

Imitation is the kittenest form of flattery

Short of Porn...

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When You See It Weekend Dick

Good Thursday Beau

Tuesday's Books on Wednesday

Happy Hump Day

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A Come to Jesus Moment with Alex Pettyfer

Tuesday Books on Wednesday

Happy Hump Day

Closet Case in Bad Drag Calls HIV a Punishment

That's on my agenda too.

Advice to Little Girls

Using Shakespeare in Schools to Address Bullying

Too Lazy to Read a Book?

Boy, we made such a mess together

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