Brain Pickings: 7 essential books on Optimism

After the events of the past week...well, fuck that...even without bombings and explosions, these are needed.

Via Brain Pickings

Every once in a while, we all get burned out. Sometimes, charred. And while a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism may help us get by, it’s in those times that we need nothing more than to embrace life’s promise of positivity with open arms. Here are seven wonderful books that help do just that with an arsenal ranging from the light visceral stimulation of optimistic design to the serious neuroscience findings about our proclivity for the positive.
  1. The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  2. Learned Optimism: how to change your mind and your life - Martin Seligman
  3. Everything Is Going to Be OK
  4. The Optimism Bias: a tour of the irrationally positive brain - Tali Sharot
  5. An Optimist's Tour of the Future: one curious man sets out to answer "What's next?" - Mark Stevenson
  6. Live Now: artful messages of hope, happiness & healing - Eric Smith & Friends
  7. The Tao of Pooh - Benjamin Hoff


Jon DeepBlue said…
Le petit Prince is a classic of French litterature. It is in fact the book that is most commonly used in elementary school to introduce us to litterature. It's been one of my "bible" since childhood. I even know many parts by heart.

Writer said…
Jon, I was introduced to The Little Prince in the 90s and it is one of the jewels of my book collection: I have a hardback copy that at some point was given as a Christmas present. It is signed to "My two princes" with their names. In my head, I imagine it was given to a gay couple.

(I also have a photocopy of the book in French, and it is one of my "texts" in learning the language.)


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