Happy Hump Day

Via Queer Heaven

Hey, y'all. Just wanted to touch base.

I haven't been posting as much on the blog, but I have no intention of ending the blog, so please just be patient with me, and hopefully soon I'll be back in a more regular fashion.

Right now with AA, genealogy, and Pride Festival, I'm really busy. Actually it is more the genealogy than anything else: I'm working on typing up the Muhlenberg County Marriages Index and that tends to be what I fill up all my free time at work - and by free time I mean anytime that a customer isn't standing right in front of me.



Queer Heaven said…
So glad you are NOT thinking of stopping your blog. It would be missed!
becca said…
glad you're not closing down and no worries i'll be here to stalk you when you do post. "muah"
Mind Of Mine said…
I am sorry if I have missed this before, but could you tell us more about your AA experience?
Tamayn Irraniah said…
you have to find your happy medium. We can wait for when you have more time!
Kyle Leach said…
We are in much of the same boat JP. With all our political activities, being Trustees at our library and being very active in all its activities, and spearheading the efforts for our community gardens, we just don't have much time to devote to blogging. I'm glad you have no intention of stopping, but I didn't think you were. We'll all be here when you get more time. :)
SEAN said…
I was glad to hear you're doing well and keeping busy and to the program. I miss your posts but they're a small price to pay for your happiness and health.

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