We Are Full of Light, We Are Full of Wonder

Hello, my wonderful peeps and friends. I'm sorry I've been MIA. Things are just getting incredibly (not necessarily a good thing) busy this end. I know I owe some of yall a reply comment - SEAN, I just saw you made me a Passenger on your blog...thank you and kisses! - and owe yall so much more.

When I didn't have anyone here except brands of vodka and bourbon, you were here for me. I will never forget that. Give me this week, and I will be back next weekend...starting with Weekend Dick...it seems to get this ball rolling again, I need to simply roll the ball.

Love you all.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I thought we already said that you owe us nothing! You get things in order and write when you can. No regrets, no obligations.
JamTheCat said…
Missing your wit, charm, and snarkiness...
viktor kerney said…
glad to hear from you
Amy Jacques. said…

full of shite more like it.


Jon DeepBlue said…
Hi wonderful! ;¬)


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