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They see me limpin, they be bloggin

I Feel Your Pain

Biomusique's Redemption

Answers Could Come Slowly

National Bar Association Demands Justice for Trayvon Martin

Monday Beau: Good Morning

Weekend Dick

Friday Beau: Wow!

What I Think of When I Think About the 4th Part 2

4th of July and Human Rights and Pride all rolled into one

What I Think of When I Think of the 4th Part 1

Happy 4th of July Beau

Thursday Beau: Sleeping Pups

Happy Hump Day

Trailer for Boxtrolls

Tuesday Beau: Colby Keller is a reader

Currently Reading

New Book, Christian Nation: the blurb contains the most frightening sentence clause ever to be utter...

Gay Married Man First to Receive Green Card