Answers Could Come Slowly

Via BuzzFeed:

The death of 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith — whose body was found Saturday in a Vancouver hotel — has shocked fans. Monteith voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center for substance addiction in the spring, so the assumption among both the media and social media speculators has been that the actor and singer died of a drug overdose.

In AA, we talk about a conundrum of life - granted I lean towards those who speculate that Monteith died of an overdose - a point in our using lives that we can no longer live with drugs and alcohol but we cannot live without it. Either instance feels like death.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, meaning even if you've gotten some clean time under your belt, if you should start again, you don't slowly build to the levels of use you had before. You start full tilt where you left off previously, and I imagine that if your body to some degree isn't used to it, over-dosing becomes easier - even if your head is telling you, "oh, this is where I was before, so it should be okay."

I imagine much of the negative backlash against Monteith will come from those who CAN successfully drink. Those who don't believe alcoholism is a disease. Those who think that Monteith could simply quit.


Tim said…
The gay adult film star Mike Henson struggled with drug addiction most of his life. He was very, very intelligent, but had almost zero self-esteem... not a good combination.

Suffering from untreated HIV, his drug addiction out of control, and his face and body ravaged so much that he could no longer work in adult film, he retreated to rural Pennsylvania to be near his family. He got himself into rehab, and it seemed successful. For about a year, he was sober. He got a job as a telecommuting computer programmer, and was doing really well.

And then he celebrated by injecting heroin.

Mike commonly injected a large amount of the drug into his body, which had built up a tolerance to it.

But now, after more than 18 months of sobriety, his body was unused to heroin. Mike did not account for that, used too much...and died. The sad thing is, he died alone, in his house, struggling for help, and terrified.

I wonder if Cory Monteith made the same mistake.
whkattk said…
I don't judge - it's sad, no matter what the cause of death. He had talent that is now silenced...
JamTheCat said…
I prefer to think the earlier drug use simply weakened his heart and it finally gave way. Our bodies can handle just so much before we're close to the edge, sometimes without realizing the nearness of the precipice...and all it takes is simple wrong move to send us over. It's sad he's gone at so early an age, but I do hope it's not from repeating his mistakes.

I'd like to think he was still on top of it instead of it on top of him.
Writer said…
Tim, it seems likely that Henson wasn't "sober." As they say in AA, he may have been "dry." As I told a friend, once you get rid of the alcohol that allows all the stuff that you haven't dealt with that lead to the alcohol to rear its ugly head. :(
Writer said…
whkattk, it is indeed sad. :(
Writer said…
Kyle, the toxicology report did say he died of a mixture of alcohol and other drugs, so sadly his mistakes still were on top. :(

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