Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor?

While I've liked Peter Capaldi in both Doctor Who and Torchwood, I find it strange that a) they're going back up in age - it seemed the Doctor was simply going to get younger and younger, though I guess a Doctor wearing diapers would not have worked - and b) he's been in both (as I said) Doctor Who and Torchwood so it seems strange to then make him the Doctor.

New Doctor Who? 5 things to know about Peter Capaldi


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I had to go back and see if I recognized him in anything. Finally a friend told me that he was in Torchwood and it all clicked. It could be good, but well, we'll leave that one to the professional Whovians. I'm just an amateur.
Tim said…
It's not strange at all. Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) played Commander Maxil in the story "Arc of Infinity" (1983). His wasn't a small role, either: He actually was the first person in Doctor Who history to shoot the Doctor. Baker's "arch and sassy" performance won him the role as the Doctor a year later. Just as Capaldi's role five years ago.

And let's not talk about the actors who have appeared on the show multiple times in different roles.

Besides: Uh, this is called acting? The same person can appear in a different role, and you are supposed to accept it as someone completely unique.

But here's something: Why has the Doctor suddenly become non-English? Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), David Tennant (Ninth Doctor), and Peter Capaldi (Twelfth Doctor) are either Scottish, Irish, or both. Half the Doctors since the series rebooted have not been English. And in terms of time on-screen, English actors have appeared for five years, while non-English actors have appeared for at least six (and Capaldi will appear for at least one, making it seven).

Amy Jacques. said…
not so sure about that. but some1 needs to see 1 about the crack in the wall. LOL!

Kyle Leach said…
I'm looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi in the role. He's a very talented actor. I'm also looking forward to the reaction of fans. It will be interesting to see how people deal with the Doctor's new body. It seemed like many fans were getting obsessed with his bodies being young. His youth is on the inside, which for me means it doesn't matter what body he has. His sense of adventure & excitement, and his need for companions keep me coming back.
Writer said…
Kyle, I don't think I was obsessed with him getting younger, but it was my understanding that him getting younger was part of the deal. But "the deal" seems to change when it needs to so that is ok. :)
Tim said…
The Doctor has traditionally been an older man. Remember, this is the BBC. They are quite socially responsible (most of the time), and the social compact with Parliament and the public is that Doctor Who should be a bit of a "teaching moment". Part of that has always been that the Doctor is an older person imparting wisdom to younger people.

When BBC Wales rebooted the show almost nine years ago (yes, it's been that long!), they were very worried that it would not do well. A younger Doctor (Eccleston) was chosen in order help boost the show's chances.

It's not entirely clear why they cast David Tennant. He was 34 when he took the role. Patrick Troughton was 46, Jon Pertwee 51, Tom Baker was 40, Peter Davison was 30, Colin Baker was 31, Sylvester McCoy was 44, Paul McGann 37, and Eccleston 41 when they took on the role. Matt Smith was just 27. Tennant was at the low end, but not that young.

Capaldi, however, is already 55 years old. He'll be 56 by the time the show starts filming him. He'll be the same age William Hartnell was when he started as the First Doctor.

I think a lot of people at the BBC and those producing the show thought it was time for an older Doctor to make an appearance. There hasn't been an older Doctor since Sylvester McCoy left the show in 1989 at the age of 46.
Writer said…
I think Capaldi is a good choice. Good acting chops, and all that, what.
Tim said…
Peter Capaldi has a superb role in one of the Prime Suspect series (the one with Helen Mirren). He plays Vera, a transvestite whose apartment is burned down. A dead teenage rentboy's body is discovered in the apartment. Vera -- closeted, emotional wreck, chain-smoker, borderline pedophile, mother to lost boys (and rent boys), and former addict -- is clearly hiding something. But Mirren suspects a much deeper mystery, since there is clearly no way Vera could have committed the crime. So what does Vera know, and how can they get the truth out of her?

It being Prime Suspect, of course, rampant homophobia among the male cops is a given. But then one of the cops also comes out of the closet, and the whole homicide department is in turmoil.

It's one of the better Prime Suspects (although they're all good, this means this series was superb), and Capaldi plays the unlikeable and creepy Vera with a real pathos that makes you want to keep watching and know the truth -- just like Mirren's character does.

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