What Is Wrong With People

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Other than the usual stupidity, I mean.

Via NPR:

Caroline Criado-Perez, the feminist activist who successfully campaigned to make Jane Austen the new face of Britain's 10-pound note, has been inundated with hundreds of death and rape threats on Twitter after the banknote news broke last week. Criado-Perez responded by retweeting the threats to her followers. Some of the more printable examples include: "I will find you and you don't want to know what I will do when I do, you're pathetic, kill yourself before i do." and "Hey sweetheart, give me a call when you're ready to be put in your place." British police arrested a man over the weekend "on suspicion of harassment offences," but the threats didn't stop. When British Parliament member Stella Creasy spoke out in support of Criado-Perez, she also received rape threats, which she in turn retweeted. This has sparked debate in the U.K. about whether Twitter is responsible for regulating such threats. CNN reports: "Twitter UK's General Manager Tony Wang said the social-networking company takes online abuse very seriously, offering to suspend accounts, and called on people to report any 'violation of Twitter rules.' " Separately, one of the world's most eminent classicists, Mary Beard, promised Monday to publicly shame those who send her misogynistic messages on Twitter, tweeting, "I'm not going to be terrorised." A man who purportedly sent the Cambridge professor crude messages Monday swiftly begged her forgiveness after another Twitter user threatened to tell his mother what he had written.

I'm not sure why of all the news that came through this week, this made me break my blogger silence, but of all the news I've read it has the most "what the fuck"ness of the rest.


Jon DeepBlue said…
I've been spitting out the "WTF" way too many times in the past 30 years....

I don't want to rain on anyone's parades, but I still don't believe it's getting better. But I've got good news: It's not getting worse either.

I'm thinking more and more to get out of the battle. I'm tired and my time as an activist have come to a dead end.

I don't believe anymore, and strangely nough, I never felt as good as I feel now.

Hope you're doing well.
Upton King said…
There seems to be a war on women in the world going on, one that I do not understand. I think it's time for a new surge in feminism. We have committees in Washington D.C. with male-only membership deciding reproductive rights for women. We have Texas declaring war on Roe vs. Wade. We have Rick Ross being rewarded a top 40 hit even though his lyrics suggest it is okay to drug a woman in order to have sex with her. And that is just the U.S.A. Overseas it is a nightmare of misogynistic violence and good old boy suppression. And the leaders that know better? They say nothing or too little. I'm happy for the advances gay people have made in the world, but it seems that the women's movement has been taking too many steps backward these days. Rise up and be heard! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque
Amy Jacques. said…
Men do Rule the World. It is a fact. Lets just hope a girl, is lucky enough to be taken along for the free ride. provided.
and that little boys, are taught to use their wallets, instead of a pussy purse. LOL!.

Tamayn Irraniah said…
This happens because we still allow people to be misogynistic. The only way to rid the world of misogynistic behavior is to keep calling people out on it, and make it known that it's unacceptable to treat people any other way than with respect.

The same goes for fat shaming, slut shaming, homophobia, transphobia, and any other kind of idiocy that exists.

Glad to see you came out of the woodwork on this one, as it's an important point you've made!
I had read about this in the news. I just don't get it. The hatred and threats are appalling and there obviously is no excuse for them, but even if I try to get inside someone's warped mind, I can't figure out what could have prompted such a reaction.
Helen Lashbrook said…
Not only is Mary Beard erudite she is a great teacher and a charismatic TV presenter. Her dress sense leaves a lot to be desired, but when you are as talented as she is, so what?

Threatening to bomb or rape people is not only offensive and wrong it is the response of someone who is threatened.
This news shocked me. I have criticized the extremes to which some feminists have gone, but this is shocking.

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