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New Island Appears After Earthquake

This Week's Books

New Video from Queer Artist Brendan MacLean

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OK. I'll be a middle-aged Creeper and say...

For Your Weekend

Cue Romantic Music and begin to Cry

Matthew Shepard's Killer was his bisexual lover? I'm. Not. Sure....

This Week's Books

Something I Did Not Realize I Was Missing

I have a thing...

Welcome to Life According to The Walking Dead 101

Make it happen, make it happen, make it happen...

Robert Pattinson is apparently a Method Actor

Benedict Cumberbatch on Chelsea Manning Sentence

Pandora also introduced me to a new to me song

All Things Testicular

Pandora reminded me of a great song

Noli timere

Tuesday Books

Oops. Man Sues Lexington Doctors for Wrong HIV Diagnosis