Cue Romantic Music and begin to Cry

Originally published in a 1961 issue of the magazine One. Click to embiggen.

Via Upworthy


Beautiful. Incredibly emotional. I lived it while I read it. Sehnsucht.(?) Weltschmerz.(!) But it was hard to read. When I clicked, it didn't embiggen. I had to use Ctrl and + and it was blurry. Just sayin'.
Tamayn Irraniah said…
It's amazing to think about all these people that were brought together by the strangest of circumstances, and never had the same chances we have now. I was secretly cheering for a happy ending as I read this.
Writer said…
Sorry, Pier. Yes, clicking on it makes it only marginally bigger. I think if you follow the link to Upworthy, it is easier to read there. :)
Writer said…
Happy endings are difficult, Tamayn. :)

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