New Island Appears After Earthquake

Image and article via BBC

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan yesterday leaving 328 dead, many wounded and many more homeless. But it also caused an almost 700 foot long island to appear offshore.

The 7.7-magnitude quake struck on Tuesday afternoon at a depth of 20km (13 miles) north-east of Awaran, the US Geological Survey said.

Many houses were flattened and thousands of people have spent the night in the open.

After the quake, an island appeared off the coast near the port of Gwadar.

People gathered on the beach to see the new island, which is reported to be about 200m (656ft) long, 100m wide and 20m high, and scientists have been sent to survey it.

Officials say such land masses have appeared before in the area, and usually disappear again over time.

Tuesday's quake was so powerful it was felt as far away as India's capital, Delhi, and Dubai. Workers in Karachi had to evacuate their offices because of the strong tremors.

Balochistan is Pakistan's largest but least populated province.


Beatrix said…
unearthed such shallow ugliness.

may your feet stay on the ground. for what is to be found at such heights. nothing but void and empty souls.


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