Geeshie Wiley's Last Kind Words Blues

Hey, y'all. I'm reading an essay about pre-WW2 blues, and in reading about this particular song, I decided to see if it was on YouTube. Amazing song!


whkattk said…
You may even be able to get the acetate recording. You'd be surprised what you can find in used record stores.
Writer said…
whkattk, I read in the essay where I learned of this piece that "sides" by Geeshie Wiley are really, really rare. For example, there's a song that there is only one known record in existence and another piece that exists as maybe 6 known copies. But this is something good about the Internet - this kind of stuff will be more easily kept in digital form.

However, this points out a negative aspect too: that if there is a digital form people may not be as eager to care for and keep the actual physical copies of things.

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