Reading Beau, though I have a qualifier

This was posted on a friend's Goodreads feed.

My qualifier: there is nothing more exasperating than two people (one of whom isn't a child being read to) sharing a book. One or the other either reads too fast or too slow.


Jon DeepBlue said…
It doesn't matter. The one being read to doesn't listen anyways. He just think about after... you know...

JamTheCat said…
I can't read with someone else in the room unless they are a complete and total strange to whom I've never been introduced. Like on an flight somewhere. And nothing irritates me more than when I'm trying to read and some twit wants to talk to me about what I'm reading.
Tamayn Irraniah said…
I could never do this. Husband would start running his hands through my hair and this would lead to something more, or I'd be exasperated and move to the chair.

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