Gertrude Stein's The World Is Round


You might know Gertrude Stein from that college class where you studied her experimental fiction, or maybe you remember her as the host of salons for famous 20th-century artists like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway.

But here's a side of her you might not know: Stein the children's book author. Her book for kids was a collaboration with illustrator Clement Hurd, the artist behind Goodnight Moon and the mystical rabbits in The Runaway Bunny. The book, The World Is Round, follows the adventures of a young girl named Rose, and it's just as beautiful and fascinating as anything Stein — the mother of modernism — put her hand to.

The World Is Round turns 75 this year, and the anniversary is being marked with a re-release that replicates how the book looked when it first came out in 1939. Clement Hurd's son, Thacher Hurd, a children's book author in his own right, contributed the foreword. He tells NPR's Don Gonyea about how Stein came to write a children's book and why it's a good read for adults, too.

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