I'm excited but wary

Neil Gaiman is reopening his Sandman series with a series of prequels. On one hand I really like this - once I get over the "let's go back to the best thing he's ever done cause he has a bill to pay" feeling - on the other, the last Sandman graphic novel I read (Endless Nights) really sucked - Bram Stoker award notwithstanding.

Via A.V. Club

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his seminal series, Gaiman launches the six-issue prequel The Sandman: Overture with acclaimed artist J.H. Williams III, detailing the events that led to Morpheus’ capture at the start of The Sandman #1. Throw in colorist Dave Stewart and letterer Todd Klein, two virtuosos of their fields, and it’s one of the best creative teams assembled in recent memory. Gaiman’s recent comics for Marvel, 1602 and Eternals, were less than impressive, and while the art was lovely, the writing became very tiresome in Williams’ Batwoman, so it’s nice to see them on a project that utilizes their full potential. Gaiman understands the tone of The Sandman better than anyone, and Williams realizes that ethereal gothic atmosphere through his dramatic page design and impeccably detailed rendering.

The artwork intrigues me and since it is only a limited 6 issue run, I may just buy it anyway...or, rather, wait for them to be collected in one volume. Damn completist!


JamTheCat said…
I haven't read any of them. I'm a loser, I know.
whkattk said…
The tough thing about writing is a lot of times your publisher doesn't want anything that you haven't done before. Sadly, they're no different than any other entertainment medium, really.
Writer said…
Kyle, the original Sandman series now appears on many must-read lists so if you like Neil Gaiman or graphic novels or both, you should definitely read them. :)
Writer said…
However, whkattk, I seriously doubt Neil Gaiman is at the point. He sneezes and they publish that. Just sayin'. :)

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