Candis Cayne in this week's episode of Elementary

GIFs from rebloggy

Elementary has taken the current lead in the race of favorite between Sherlock and Elementary with the introduction of Ms. Hudson played by the trans performer Candis Cayne!

LOVE HER! Because of her in the 90s - back when she was still just a drag performer - I bought my first dresses and a pair of pumps. Granted this lasted a week before I returned everything and never donned a frock every again.

Here's a post from Jezebel


Oh I hope there are pics somewhere!
JamTheCat said…
Don't blame you about gettin' rid of them high-heels. I tried on a pair when I worked at a department store, and how women can walk in them is beyond amazing. My legs hurt for a week.
Writer said…
Sadly, Sean, there are no pics...but I looked like a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Tracey Thorne.

Now if I follow through with my plans for the upcoming Halloween, I will make sure there are pics of me as Effie from The Hunger Games. :)
Writer said…
Kyle, to quote Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory "Oh my metatarsals are barking!"

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