Gore Vidal Fucked Jack Kerouac

So...one of my main goals in inventing a time machine would be to go back in time to sleep with Gore Vidal, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsburg, Bosie, Sam Steward, etc. etc. I'm not happy unless I can be a ho throughout time and space. :)

Gore Vidal met and flirted with Jack Kerouac in 1949 at, surprisingly, the Metropolitan Opera where Kerouac was with his publisher. They met again in 1953. In his memoir, Palimpest, Vidal describes discussing what happened with Kerouac during his final meeting with Allen Ginsberg in 1994.

“Jack bought (William S.) Burroughs and me together at the San Remo, on the edge of Greenwich Village. Hot night. Jack was manic. Sea captain’s hat. T-shirt. Like Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. Drinking beer. Burroughs looked like a traveling salesman who had traveled too far in a wrinkled gray suit. He had published a good novel, Junkie under the name William Lee… Bill was quiet. Jack was loud. I suppose he was drunk.”

Kerouac started flirting with Vidal. The three were supposed to go bar-hopping together, but Burroughs dropped out. Then Jack suggested the two of them get a room. They went to the Chelsea Hotel, where they signed their own names. Vidal wrote, “Grandly, I told the bemused clerk that this register would become famous… I’ve often wondered what did happen to it… Lust aside, we both thought, even then (this was before On the Road), that we owed it to literary history to couple.”

Although everyone agrees Kerouac was drunk, the real story of what happened next varies depending on who tells it, and when. Ginsburg’s biographer Bill Morgan says Kerouac spent the night sleeping in the bathtub. In a 1994 interview, Vidal said, “As everybody knows, I fucked Kerouac.” Vidal writes that Ginsberg told him, “Jack was rather proud of the fact that he blew you… Allen sounded a bit sad as we assembled our common memories over tea in the Hollywood Hills.”

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JamTheCat said…
Effin' hell -- I'd love to travel back and just WATCH...even if Jack was passed out drunk and Gore was taking advantage of the moment...

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