I'm putting this here...

...to remember for later.

This is from someone's Etsy page, so it may be a copy of the original.

The original is by illustrator Kay Nielsen. And this is from the story The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain (also known as The Three Princesses of Whiteland.

I at some point owned this book. I can't remember if it was during childhood or in the 90s when I lived with my then-boyfriend, but I spent a good 30 minutes today searching for this one image. At first I thought it was a Hans Christian Andersen story, but all I remember is the Erte-esque crowns. Then I found an image in which the person in the foreground was very small while the background just flew up into the sky in long straight lines.

The image was by Kay Nielsen, and upon doing an image search for him, I found the above.

At first, I thought the image was potentially from (specifically from) Andersen's story The Snow Queen...which I also found the Art Linkletter version of this tale on YouTube...and here it is (the Snow Queen has a similar crown)...

I'm rather disturbed that one of the songs is called "Do It While You're Young." Do what, pray tell.


Writer said…
Indeed. Merry Christmas! :)

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