Repeal HIV Discrimination Act to be introduced

Image and quote via BuzzFeed

The “Repeal HIV Discrimination Act,” to be introduced by Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, calls for an inter-agency wide review of state laws and policies targeting people living with HIV and AIDS, and resembles a bill introduced last May in the House by California Rep. Barbara Lee. Thirty-two states currently have laws on the books that use HIV status to criminally convict people.

“There are places in this country where state and local laws make it similar to assault with a deadly weapon for somebody with HIV/AIDS to spit on someone, for example. That’s based on an outdated unscientific fear that fed lots of discrimination,” Coons said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “There’s no scientific proof any people are at risk from that kind of an incident and these are exactly the sort of thing this interagency study should look at to try and bring attention to.”


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