There's Nothing Like Recognition... open the flood gates.

Over at Narratively, there's an article by Julia Wertz, author of The Infinite Wait, on her alcoholism and her time in rehab and what came after.

In AA, we're told to look for the similarity between us and the others around us. Sometimes this is easier or harder depending on a lot of factors. Though the number one factor tends to be how stuck and isolated you are in your own head.

But, while my brain was trying to point out the obvious and not particularly helpful fact that I did not go to rehab, I found in the article myself. Especially in these four images here. The baffling, yes, I know alcohol is killing me but I don't know how to live without it quality of the life of an alcoholic.

So, check out the article. Even if you aren't an alcoholic cause chances are someone in your life, and you are unclear what, if anything, you can do for them. to be can't do anything for them, but read the article anyway.


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