Breaking: Federal Judge Rules KY Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Today Federal Judge John G. Heyburn ruled Kentucky's ban on same-gender marriage unconstitutional!

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that to the extent K.R.S 402.005, .020, .040, and .045 and Section 233A of the Kentucky Constitution deny validly married same-sex couples equal recognition and benefits under Kentucky and federal law, they violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Congratulations to the brave plaintiffs in the suit, Gregory Bourke and Michael Deleon of Louisville, Jimmy Meade and Luther Barlowe of Bardstown, Randell Johnson and Paul Campion of Louisville, and Kimberly Franklin and Tamera Boyd of Cooper! And congratulations to the Fauver Law Office and Clay Daniel Walton & Adams, co-counsel for the plaintiffs, who helped bring the case to court.

This is likely the first step of many for this case--we'll let you know how to support the judgement moving forward!

Via the Courier Journal


whkattk said…
Most excellent. This bodes well for the other states who've altered their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. Yet, the naysayers continue their war of bigotry.

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