It's Not Offensive, If It's True

Author Isabel Allende has apologized after remarks she made in an NPR interview about her latest book Ripper.


"The book is tongue in cheek. It's very ironic ... and I'm not a fan of mysteries, so to prepare for this experience of writing a mystery I started reading the most successful ones in the market in 2012. ... And I realized I cannot write that kind of book. It's too gruesome, too violent, too dark; there's no redemption there. And the characters are just awful. Bad people. Very entertaining, but really bad people. So I thought, I will take the genre, write a mystery that is faithful to the formula and to what the readers expect, but it is a joke. My sleuth will not be this handsome detective or journalist or policeman or whatever. It will be a young, 16-year-old nerd. My female protagonist will not be this promiscuous, beautiful, dark-haired, thin lady. It will be a plump, blond, healer, and so forth."

Seems pretty spot-on to me.


JamTheCat said…
WTF? She expressed her opinion and people are pissed off because she wasn't slavishly nice about what they like to read? She should not have apologized. It's obvious idiots like the owner of Murder by the Book do not believe in the right to believe something different from themselves.

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