Already, BuzzFeed has given me everything that I need for today

This image via someone's flickr account but the point is...he has a hairy chest!

Thank you to the BuzzFeed article Dear Men, Never Shave Your Chests - and I'm currently correcting some grammar here because as men is plural, they have plural chests. Not. Just. One. - but thank you nonetheless because now I see the importance of Instagram.

Or at least the importance of Instagram "channel" - do we call them channels? - of hairychestperfection2!

Go, rub your hand through the glory and perfection!

And, thank you.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I agree that people should stay more towards the natural, whatever that may be, but some level of maintenance is necessary. In my family, I am medium hairy. My older brother is less so, and my little brother is practically the same as my dad now. Luckily my back hair isn't fully established yet, and I will be paying for laser treatments in the coming years. My greatest nightmare will be the day when I have to utter this phrase:
Writer said…
Indeed, LightChaser. :)
Writer said…
Tamayn, I can handle a little back hair. And I will have to wait when I have speakers to hear your utterance. :)

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