Hello, My Peeps

How is everyone?

A friend posted that he thought it was time I posted in something here at Salmagundi. And I realized that I really missed it. Also I realized that with very little effort, I read enough daily that I could post stuff everyday. Like the previous article about a man's reading list in prison.

So, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I will be making some changes. I've deleted a few blogs that haven't posted in a bit, and obviously I've deleted the "Naughty" section of links. I will still try to post some pretty here. I gotta lure you in somehow or another, don't I?

I'll also be looking at the links that I've kept here to see if I still raise my flag to them.

The Internets change so quickly.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Sometimes it's good to clean house! I look forward to seeing you around more, and eagerly await your posts. On a side note, how goes the planning for the Athens trip?
MAC said…
Welcome Back! I'm glad to see my blog made the cut... for now. ;-)
Writer said…
Tamayn, I'm meeting with a fella this weekend to go over my calendar. He suggested that I make an actual calendar of where I want to go on what dates. And then I have a couple of emails to send off. AND I'm still waiting on my passport, but it should be here at any time. :)
Writer said…
Hi, MAC. The cut was purely one of who has posted in the past month. I had a couple of blogs on the list that obviously hadn't posted in more than 2 months, so most likely they were gone or on a very long hiatus. :(
Tim said…
I engaged in public shaming, and it worked! YAY!!!! :)
Welcome back! I like the fresh new attitude. And let me be the first to lay claim to the "pretty."

You're trip is just around the corner - you must have a million and one things to do!
Writer said…
Tim, I thought you were luring me with food. I want my food now. Damnit! ;)
Writer said…
SEAN, not really. I'm waiting on my passport and I have a few things to buy. But that's it. :)

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