On Spending the Evening Binge Watching True Detective

As the title should tell you, I spent the evening with Matt and Woody watching the first season of True Detective which at its best was really good and creepy and at its worse kind of boring - come on, guys, can't you see that Rust is winding you up?

But I love how true the story stays to a literary mythology that is discussed here: The One Literary Reference You Must Know to Appreciate True Detective

The King in Yellow is a fictional play within a collection of short stories — a metafictional dramatic work that brings despair, depravity, and insanity to anyone who reads it or sees it performed. Chambers inserts only a few selected scenes from the play into his story collection, and all of them are from the first act. This act, we are told, is a bit of a honeypot, luring readers into the cursed text. If they read even the first few words of Act II they are driven insane by the revelation of horrible, decadent, incomprehensible truths about the universe.

I have two more episodes of the show to watch, and from reading about the finale, I'm pretty sure I'll be somewhat disappointed, but very little about TV shows tends to be in the vein of "half measures availed us nothing." They always pull up reign when they should be going for the whole hog.

Also, I ordered pizza.


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