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Self Hating Gay writes Ann Landers 1979

How very Querelle of you.

B is for Battery, O is for Operated

Julio Cortezar's House Taken Over

The song that is getting me through life

Devin Moss and Treasure Island Media

Is there a reason you're trying to be subtle in saying that Scout could be a lesbian?

Can we add his balls?

Bits and Pieces: The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson

What I got from it

Something From Something Else I've Read Recently

There's obviously not been enough porn on here lately...

Un-American Chronicles now available

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My Summer Jam: Years & Years

Tony's 1981

I've been away

Ahhh. Is this the wee beastie?

Toni Morrison on NPR

I love today's Google Doodle

And the spoiler shall come upon every city...

Tove Jansson is the Best Person Ever

Oyster Review: 100 Best Books of the Decade...

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Conservatives in the Stacks

After such a long day of such serious blogging...

So, Trevor Noah is gorgeous

Pedal backwards faster, PEDAL BACKWARDS FASTER

“Don’t leave us. Stay with us until we get past this thing.”

Trickle to Torrent

Rand Paul is only a libertarian when HE benefits

Make the LGBT+ Community a Protected Class

A Short Break

Using Religion to disguise Bigotry

Isn't a "Religious Freedom" law, by definition...

You're an idiot.

Hold Tight Gently

Slate: Teaching Evolution at the University of Kentucky

New at the Library: After Woodstock

Even if I come back, even if I die

Neil Gaiman is pregnant!


The Ginger Hotness that is Archie