Be Offended. It Doesn't Mean You Get to Kill People, or Be a Punk

If someone pisses you off, then by all means, be offended. It doesn't mean you get to kill people. Just like if I feel like drinking, I don't have to. It's called impulse control. Which in both the Christian and Muslim worlds seems in short supply.

Image and quote via Slate

The protests were carried out as the publication’s distributors said it was increasing the print run for the first issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack at its offices to seven million copies when it usually has a circulation of around 60,000. "They offended our Prophet Muhammad. That's what we didn't like," a protester in Niger told Reuters in reference to the cover of the publication that includes a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad.


Michael Dodd said…
I am perplexed by "Christian" leaders who feel compelled to suggest that people have a right to punch those who offend them. While there is a certain eight-year-old's level of righteousness in such an assertion, it ignores the obvious corollary that the people you offend get to punch you. I am totally offended, for example, by Bill Donohue and Franklin Graham. Do they want to defend my right to punch them?
JamTheCat said…
Religion is the devils joke on humanity...

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