What is home?

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Cuban, gay poet Richard Blanco has a piece newly up at NPR: An American Dream, A Cuban Soul: Poet Richard Blanco Finds Home

It's said that every writer spends his or her entire life working on a single poem or one story. Figuratively, of course, this means that writers are each possessed by a certain obsession. As such, their entire body of work, in one way or another, is generally an attempt to dimension some part of that obsession, ask questions about it, answer them and then ask many new questions.

But — writer or not — I think that's true of any life; we all have an obsession that permeates and shapes our lives. In my case, my life is my art, and my art is my life — one in the same — and my personal and artistic obsession comes down to a single word, one question: What is home? And all that word calls to mind with respect to family, community, place, culture and national loyalties. A word, a universal question that we all ask ourselves, especially in a country like the United States, home to so many peoples and cultures.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I always found the expression: "You can't go home again." to be the most true. Though for some people, would home be a place to go back to? I guess it depends on how you define home as well.

I also really like the idea of Armistead Maupin's "logical family" as opposed to a "biological family." Moving to France has taught me to appreciate that!
Writer said…
Yes! I really love Maupin's "logical family" idea. I really love the idea of family and home, and I think when I get back to actually writing things - and from what I remember writing before - I'm constantly writing about home, even if it's mostly a home made of memory.
Billy Everyday said…
i always tell folks to read Rigoberto Gonzalez's poetry instead...

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