Branded the Worst Gay Ever

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Russell Tovey may have shown himself to be a thoughtless ponce, but he didn't "disparage effeminate gays." He talked about his own life experience - he spoke off the cuff about his life, his experience. The problem is not so much what he said which was given more weight because of his "celebrity," but that other people reading those remarks thought said remarks were about them. They weren't.

Tovey's remarks say nothing at all about the group of gay men considered (by themselves or others) as effeminate and if you took them to say something about you, that is your issue. Not his. Speaking of "internal homophobia," maybe it's the internal homophobia of those upset because it agrees with these comments that need some looking to.

Speaking as a slightly effeminate gay, have we become such victims, such weaklings, that absolutely everything has to come with a "trigger warning" label? Woman up, for Willow's sake, and get over yourselves. Not everything is about you.

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JamTheCat said…
I was so pissed off about this. Not what Russell said but how he was attacked for having his own opinion and pummeled until he apologized. He's an actor who is openly gay and who's made a solid career out of playing both gay and straight men. He's a shining light in the closet that is our media culture. It was disgraceful.
Writer said…
I agree. I feel like we give the statements that celebrities make too much weight, as though we're all so dependent on their opinions for validation. It also seems that the Internet has turned us all into trolls, so unwilling to listen to opinions other than those that agree with our own. :(

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