Chris Offutt: my father was a workhorse in the field of written pornography

Image and quote via NYT

In the mid-1960s, Dad purchased several porn novels through the mail. My mother recalls him reading them with disgust — not because of the content, but because of how poorly they were written. He hurled a book across the room and told her he could do better. Mom suggested he do so. According to her, the tipping point for Dad’s full commitment to porn, five years later, was my orthodontic needs.

Kentucky author Chris Offutt is apparently turning the New York Times piece into a book to be published in 2016. Read more on NPR: Chris Offutt reveals a family secret in My Father, the Pornographer.


Tim said…
Wow, good news!
cigardude13 said…
A fascinating subject and a very interesting interview.
Writer said…
Indeed, Tim. :)
Writer said…
I'm glad you liked it, cigardude! :)

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