The Struggle Is Real

So I finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao last night. If you haven't read Junot Diaz's only novel so far, you should...and his two collections of short stories. Otherwise I will have to hate you.

So upon finishing the book, instead of getting on my library app and placing my next book on hold (I've been sick, I blame the Kroger-brand Nyquil), I decided to go to sleep and "get" the book today.

However, it is checked out (IT being John Scalzi's Redshirts) from this location and is being shipped to my location tomorrow...but.


the hell.

do I read

til then!?

Dear sweet god!

Also, this...23 Struggles Only Book Nerds (or...just nerds) Understand


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Hehe, good luck holding on til then! I'm trying to start The Accidental right now, and I have another book waiting. Plus, I still have all my manga from Christmas, plus the manga I got for my birthday!
Jon DeepBlue said…
How coincidental... I just reblogged a quote from Diaz on my tumblr.

Please, don't hate me... I've got way too many books on my list already... I can't add any more. ;)

Writer said…
Tamayn, I settled the night with the Pulitzer Prize winning Tinkers by Paul Harding, but just enough to get me to sleep. :)
Writer said…
Jon, hushabye. You can never have too many books on your list. :)

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