Devin Moss and Treasure Island Media

So in February 2014, Treasure Island Media released a 3-DVD set called Legendary: The Best of Christian, and I will be ordering this as soon as I get paid on Thursday - Christian is possibly the hottest bottom on the planet and the DVD-set includes a 90 minute cumpilation, if you will, of all of the loads that Christian has ever taken.

What I don't understand, given the internet/porn buzz of Devin Moss having his first bareback scene with Morgan Black, why I don't really see anything online - at least none of the trumpets I expect - that there is a previously unreleased scene on the set featuring a bareback gangbang in which Devin Moss is one of the tops!

This seems important - or possibly it is just me. But for anyone else out there who cares, there are now officially TWO bareback scenes involving Devin Moss. (Three if you count an amateur vid that I once saw. You never see his face but it's obviously his dick and his tat, but I've never been able to find it since.)

So enjoy, but be sure to use some lube to combat chafing.


Tim said…
I'm glad Devin's not shaving his pubes off, and I'm glad he can still get a massive, aching, painful erection. (Sometimes, as they age, the bigger men find that hard to do... See the file "Rex (Stripper; La Cage, Washington, D.C.)")

Devin's had a lot of weight gain.

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